Keep Tempe Beautiful Presents: 2025 Tempe City Roots Zero Waste Music Festival

Keep Tempe Beautiful Presents the 2025 Tempe City Roots Music Festival

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The 2025 Tempe City Roots Zero Waste Music Festival, scheduled from April 4th to April 6th at Tempe Beach Park, promises to be a groundbreaking event in sustainable entertainment. Embracing a zero-waste philosophy, the festival will be entirely managed by a dedicated team of volunteers. This approach aligns seamlessly with the festival’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. Attendees can expect a diverse lineup of music acts, all echoing the festival’s ethos of ecological responsibility. The event’s proceeds will significantly bolster the efforts of Keep Tempe Beautiful, directly funding a variety of local initiatives. These include community cleanups, tree planting campaigns, recycling drives, the establishment and maintenance of community gardens, educational outreach, and the creation of public art. By blending music, community, and sustainability, the festival is set to be not just a celebration, but a powerful force for positive environmental change in Tempe.